happy valentine’s day friends! i hope you all have a special someone, whether a friend, significant other, or family member, that you can celebrate with today. typically adam and i book a fancy pants dinner and try to make a romantic evening out for our valentine’s celebration. but, this year we’ve had a lot going on and have decided to stay in tonight, making dinner and watching romantic movies {adam doesn’t know about the movies yet so we’ll just keep that a surprise for tonight}. every year i do the typical girl thing and put together a really great valentine’s day outfit {i mean it’s hard to find reasons to dress up anymore}, but this year i’m more than happy to be snuggling on the couch with my sweetie so i’ve put together a much more comfy outfit. how are you all celebrating this year? do you put together an outfit every year? {please say yes, so i feel a little better about my holiday shopping sprees}

onesmallact01 chinti and parker cashmere sweater : there’s nothing, n.o.t.h.i.n.g comfier than a cashmere sweater and this “love” print is perfect for valentine’s day // 02 sylvain le hen barrette : when i’m home i usually have my hair up {thanks laziness} and one way to make a ponytail look better is with a pretty barrette. this one is perfect because it’s casual enough for a night in and cute enough for a night out // 03 grace lee bracelet stack : grace lee has become one of my favorite jewelry designers with her simple and dainty designs. combine 3 – 4 bracelets for a perfect valentine’s day stack // 04 mociun triangle ring : with my wedding rings on my left hand, i don’t like to wear too many rings. one simple ring on my right hand is usually all i’ll wear and this simple design {i love it because it looks like a mountain peak to me} is perfect // 05 rag & bone boyfriend jeans : i love a good pair of comfy boyfriend jeans and these ones from rag & bone have quickly become my favorite. i wear them at home, to walk the dog, and sometimes i even throw on a pair of heels and wear them out. trust me when i say these are the. perfect. jeans and ones you’ll keep forever // 06 tieks ruby red ballet flats : i love a great pair of heels {sometimes}, but when i’m hanging out at home with my two boys {adam + gruber} i want to be comfortable. and tieks are some of the most comfortable pair of flats i’ve found! they are great for traveling too because you can fold them up and stuff them pretty much anywhere in your suitcase. the rainbow of colors they offer are great and i love adding colors to my collection. so when i saw these ruby red ones i knew they would be perfect for valentine’s day! 

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