happy veterans day to all of the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve our country and protect our freedoms. as the granddaughter of two veterans {rowland g. evans, navy and gerald l. engleson, marines} i have a personal appreciation for military service men and women. it’s easy for us “civilians” to forget what it means to selflessly give yourself to your country and those people within the country, but as i watch movies like zero dark thirty or captain phillips {and many many others} all i can think is “yeah, our military, is f*cking awesome!” so here’s to all of you f*cking awesome people out there! happy veterans day!


ps. in honor of veterans day i’m reading a really great book called the liberator by alex kershaw. it’s the true story of a wwII soldier named felix sparks and his journey through nazi filled italy and eventual march to germany. i’m only about half way through right now and i can’t bring myself to put it down. if you’re a reader like i am then i highly recommend checking it out!

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