2 weeks later and i’m finally updating you guys on our trip to d.c. we had such a great time – visiting with family, celebrating the twins’ first fourth of july, eating great food, and just getting to be american {yay red, white, + blue!}. it was one of the best trips we’ve taken since the twins were born. we saw an old friend, lots of family, and had so much fun just hanging out and exploring one of our favorite cities. having lived in northern virginia for the first half of my childhood, being in d.c. was very nostalgic. i loved showing the twins around the city and taking them to my favorite museums {natural history and the air and space museum}. we even happened upon a peruvian festival which was so much fun, and ironically had a really good gelato stand. thatcher was cruising all around the city and making friends everywhere she went. breck on the other hand seemed to just love all of the people watching and bright colors. it was such a fun trip and i can’t wait to get back with the twins when they are older.

dc1^^ we got to visit with my oldest friend! kelly + i have been friends for 25 years and after many birthdays, it’s like nothing’s changed! thanks for hanging with us, kelly! we hope you come to toronto soon!

dc2 dc3 dc4 dc5^^ before we headed into the city we stopped for a night down in fredricksburg to see my grandparents. the twins love them and it’s so amazing to see them with their great grandparents. my brother and his lovely girlfriend also came up and met us for lunch! the twins were in heaven with all of the attention they were getting!

dc6 dc7 dc8 dc9^^ i was a little disappointed in the twins’ lack of enthusiasm when it came to these delicious cupcakes. after a few bites, they decided they were too sweet and refused to eat anymore. i have no idea where they get that from…it’s certainly not from me! dc10 dc11^^ natural history museum!

dc15 dc16 dc17 dc18 dc19^^ we also got to see my uncle, 2 aunts, and beautiful cousin! i’m pretty sure thatcher would have rather of gone home with my uncle steve than with us and to say breck was in love with the ladies is an understatement. i’m so thankful for this amazing family i have!

dc20^^ twins’ first taste of bbq. adam was very proud and happy that they loved it!

dc21 dc22 dc23 dc24 dc25^^ air and space museum.

dc30 dc31 dc32dc33^^ this gelato was amazing and oh so perfect during our hot afternoon walk.dc34 dc35 dc36^^ because gelato wasn’t enough.dcend


ps. i’ve been getting a lot of questions about how we travel with the twins/about traveling with little ones so i’m going to do a post with our travel tips for you guys! i’ve started compiling the most asked questions, but if you guys have any specific questions you want me to answer feel free to leave them below!

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