the weather in raleigh was crazy on wednesday! one minute we were having a torrential downpour and then all of a sudden the sun popped out and the temperature shot up to 70 degrees. And then as quickly as the sun came out, a line of severe thunderstorms and tornados began. since it had been raining all morning it meant that we had been stuck inside – our least favorite thing. so we took advantage of our brief dry period and headed straight out the door! my parents live on a cul-de-sac in a small subdivision so it’s the perfect spots for the twins to run around and get some energy out.


they toddled around, hand-in-hand of course, breck holding my iphone, and were just talking and giggling away. they loved seeing the neighbor’s small windmill turning in the strong wind gusts we were having {the reason thatcher’s hair looks so crazy} and kicking all of the fallen sticks and leaves were sending them in to laughing fits. and just when i thought they couldn’t possible enjoy our “walk” anymore – they spotted a small puddle right at the edge of street.


and seriously is there anything more fun as a kid than jumping in puddles?! they were soaking wet and covered head to toe in dirty water, but oh my did they have a blast!  {side note: about 0.2 seconds before b hit the puddle i snatched my phone out of his hand – #momwin}

IMG_8735IMG_8737^^ those smiles were so worth the ruined shoes and outfit change. {the shoes aren’t actually ruined per se, they are just quite a bit worse for wear}


i have a feeling this spring is going to be a lot of fun. fair warning there may be a post like this every time it rains because they are just too cute jumping around in puddles. and seriously, we really need rain boots!


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