nywe’re back in toronto today {after what turned out to be kind of a long day of travel yesterday} and wishing we were still in new york. i took about 3,000 pictures and rather than bombard you with 100s of them i’ve decided to break our trip up into a few different parts {you’re welcome}. so it only makes sense to start with our first day there. have you guys ever been to nyc? adam + i have both been a few times on our own and also a few times together and every time we go we just fall in love with the city. from the moment we step off the plane there is a palpable vibrance. busy streets + bright lights are totally my vibe so the moment we enter the city i feel right at home. and although new yorkers get a bad wrap for being rude and/or aggressive, i actually find them to be the exact opposite – especially when it comes to twins. skateboarders stop, people apologize for being loud {ummm we’re walking around nyc – you seriously think YOU are going to wake my sleeping babies}, and the crowds literally part so that we can pass with our giant stroller. it’s truly a city after my own heart.

ny2^^ the view from our hotel!

when we first got in we did what any normal family does – checked into the hotel. we were especially impressed with our view {hello world trade center!}. we let the twins decompress a little as we unpacked and figured out our day.


after settling in we decided to venture out into the city. the twins love all of the people, lights, and loud noises so pushing them around in the stroller is so easy. they smile at every stranger that passes and thatcher literally jumps in her seat whenever she sees a dog!


we headed down to the seaport district since it’s close to my sister-in-law’s apartment. we loved it so much that after eating lunch and hanging out there, we headed back for dinner! in fact, i think it’s safe to say that we spent most of the weekend right in that area. there is outdoor seating everywhere, shops, restaurants, a pier with a gorgeous view of brooklyn, and so many people, kids, babies, and luckily for thatcher – dogs! and although we never went, there was a playground right across the street so this is the perfect area if you are visiting {or living in} nyc with kids/babies!

ny4ny5ny6ny7ny10^^ where we ate dinner. and i highly highly recommend checking out this spot if you’re in nyc. ny12ny15ny11^^ also, i NEVER drink beer. but, yum. this one was dare i say…good!

ny14ny13^^ this guy parked right next to us at dinner! to say thatcher was in heaven is an understatement. also, this basket thing was on the front of a bike. how cool, right?! now i totally want one to haul around the twins + gruber!

ny16^^ amen.


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