this is starting to become a very dangerous weekly celebration 😉 although today isn’t one of our big milestones, we did make it another week! and we think that’s still worth celebrating. last week {26 weeks} we had a growth scan that showed that our little girl is 1lb 15oz and our little boy is 2lbs! we can’t believe 1. how big they are {53rd and 54th percentiles} and 2. how close their weights have remained to each other {a lot of fraternal twins will be completely different sizes}. next week is a huge milestone for us and we are just holding our breaths that the twins will hang on until then. also, happy july! this month is going to be a little crazy for us – we’re finally moving! and we have lots of visitors coming too! so, here’s to what will hopefully be a great month! thanks again for all the love! eat your donuts today!

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